TraXtion customer interactive reporting and sales software

Why TraXtion?

For customers to trust the recommendations for replacement tyres and alignments they require transparency of the inspection and the quotation offered. TraXtion provides that transparency with the TreadSpec report and a comparison of the quotation offered with competitor pricing. This allows the sales opportunity to be captured there and then without the customer needing more time to think about the purchase.

Five reasons to use TraXtion

  • Effective – increases sales conversion rates
  • Transparent – Customer trust in recommendations and quotations
  • Connectivity – used with either TreadSpec or Groove Glove devices
  • Seamless – integrates with any DMS
  • Efficient – SMS and email customer messaging capability

How does it work?

Step 1

Scan tyres using Treadspec 2.0 per Groove Glove inspection tools.

Step 2

Message customer with link to view TreadSpec report, recommendations, quotation and competitor pricing.

Step 3

Manage sales opportunities, conversions and retention of customers.

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TraXtion Software

Cloud based software integrated to your business DMS to provide GDPR compliant access to

  • TreadSpec report
  • Recommendations for replacement tyre and alignment
  • Quotation
  • Competitor pricing.


Comprehensive management reporting allows your business to

  • ┬áMonitor sales opportunities and closures
  • Effectiveness of internal sales processes and service advisors
  • Customer retention

TraXtion – Tyre condition and alignment diagnostic


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