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Our solutions are proven to improve efficiency and lower costs. With Groove Glove and TreadSpec 2.0, a tread depth and alignment check is done in seconds by scanning each tyre on a vehicle. A detailed, web based colour coded report shows the wear condition of the tyre from sidewall to sidewall and any uneven wear.

Treadspec 2.0
Drive over tyre diagnostic

A drive over laser scanner providing a precise and detailed report of tyre wear and wheel alignment in seconds.

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Groove Glove - Mobile Tire Diagnostig
Grove Glove
Mobile Tire Diagnostic

Award winning handheld tyre scanner for any location with a WiFi signal.

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Interactive reporting & sales software

TraXtion provides that transparency with the TreadSpec report and a comparison of the quotation offered with competitor pricing.

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Increasing your profits

Scan, diagnose, engage, sell. Thanks to our innovative scan solutions your customer’s tyres, alignment and bodywork can be inspected quickly and automatically to save time and resources whilst increasing sales and profits.

of vehicles which have been through a vehicle health check need tyres to be changed.

of customers are loyal to their supplier of tyres.

of car owners will buy tyres from the first person who offers to sell them

of cars need an alignment at the same time that they need their tyres changed.

These companies put their trust in us